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Parent Seminar: Savvy Exam Revision Strategies

21 August 2021

28 August 2021

Knowing what study advice to provide your teenager can be confusing. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Join me as I share a simple, science-based approach to help your son or daughter study more effectively for tests and exams. By learning how the brain learns, you will be able to more confidently support your teenager through their study challenges.

We will cover three topics:

Science of Learning

Revision Strategies

Healthy Smarts

You will learn:

  • How the brain learns so you can more confidently give advice to your teenager.
  • How study time should be organised so more can be learnt in less time.
  • Strategies and tools to help avoid procrastination and increase focus.
  • Essential habits to keep your teenager healthy so they can learn at their best.
  • Practices and mindsets to help build resilience and manage stress.

Plus lots more!

If you wish your son or daughter to accompany you, they are welcome to attend at no cost.

The content will be suitable for parents of Year Nine to Twelve students.

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