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Think Savvy provides a simple, science-based study approach to help students learn at their best and develop into resilient, long-term learners


Are you a parent searching for ways to support your teenager through high school? Or, are you a teacher who wants to help your students learn more effectively?

I’m Christine West, a published author, parent and qualified teacher, who has been in your shoes and understands the challenges you face. 

It can be difficult helping teenagers to get the most from school, especially if they lack confidence, are not engaged or do not know how to study effectively. 

That’s why I founded Think Savvy, as a way to provide the knowledge and tools that students, parents and teachers need to get the most from learning.

There is a better way...

Think Savvy

My experience as a teacher and parent suggests that our kids struggle more than they need to – simply because they don’t know how to study.

The good news is that although learning takes effort, it is not rocket science.  Research suggests that there are mindsets we can develop, strategies we can apply, and tools we can use to help us all learn at our best.

The secret to becoming a successful learner is to work with your brain, not against it.  This is the Think Savvy approach.

When we teach our kids how to work with their brain, they can take in more information and feel more in control.  They develop the skills to become resilient, long-term learners.


'Think savvy by working with your brain, not against it'

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An evidence-based, collaborative approach to learning

Effective learning occurs best when students take ownership of their studies and are supported by parents and teachers who are providing consistent, trustworthy advice.

Building a supportive network around students is the key to successful learning in high school and beyond. This is why I feel it’s equally important to:



Think Savvy fosters learning for life by developing skills and habits for long-term learning success. 




Products & services to support learning

The Think Savvy approach can be accessed in several ways, depending on your needs and your own learning preferences. 



“Think Savvy, Revise Smart” - the go-to guide for exam preparation



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Customised academic coaching for students



Empowering parents with knowledge & confidence

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If you’re ready to reduce your stress and stop the study struggle, I’m ready to help. Contact me to discover a better way to help teenagers learn.