The 'Think Savvy' Story

I’m Christine West, a published author, parent and qualified science teacher who is on a mission to help others learn at their best.

With a Bachelor of Applied Science (Chemistry major) and a Diploma of Education, I have taught and tutored at both high school and university level for nearly 10 years. 

Over a period of 20 years, I have strategically developed my career through a number of science-based roles in industries including petroleum geochemistry, laboratory management, chemical consulting and environmental regulation.  

My science-based career has dovetailed with organisational management experience in quality system implementation, entrepreneurship, innovation and online platforms.

My Think Savvy journey started a few years ago.  

As a parent searching for answers as my kids moved into Year 11 and 12, I used my love of learning, my teaching experience and my background in science to research the best ways to study most effectively. 

What I learnt was very reassuring.  Learning is not rocket science. We can all learn at our best when we use strategies that work with our brain, not against it. This truth lies at the heart of the Think Savvy approach. 

While some people may find science a little scary, I love it!

I especially enjoy the challenge of taking difficult or complex concepts, simplifying them to make them easily understood by others, and then explaining how to use this information in a really practical way.

That’s why I established Think Savvy  — as a vehicle to provide parents and teachers with reliable information they need to best support their kids through the challenges of high school learning.

Once a teacher, always a teacher, I guess!

Schools I've worked with

Our kids learn best when they take ownership of their learning, know how to study, and are surrounded by a supportive and informed network of parents and teachers.

I believe that as parents, we are the primary educators of our kids.  Although most of us confidently embrace the primary school years, I have found that many parents feel unprepared and lack confidence when it comes to high school.  I know I did — and I was an experienced high school teacher and university tutor before I faced this dilemma.

Through Think Savvy, I hope to bridge this gap by sharing the learnings and insights of my research with other parents, so they can feel confident to best support their teenagers at home.    

Teachers, too, may gain additional knowledge and strategies to support their valuable work in the classroom.  Harnessing the power of brain-based learning will only benefit our kids. 

By sharing easily understood, evidence-based study strategies with students, parents and teachers, I hope to bring us all together for the good of our kids’ learning.

Bridging the gaps in learning

The Think Savvy approach

The Think Savvy approach to learning is based on recent neuroscience and psychology research, combined with my experience as a teacher, exam marker, and parent of two young adults who have recently and successfully graduated high school.

Think Savvy brings together theory and practice, explaining the science behind successful strategies and how to make them work for students.

With this knowledge, students can identify learning strategies that work with their brain, not against it. This empowers them to take ownership of their learning.

It also allows them to learn more in less time, build a deeper understanding of content, and develop their learning resilience.

Rooted in brain-based learning, Think Savvy helps students optimise their performance, while developing a healthy lifestyle to promote learning.

Science-based strategies you can trust

My focus is to empower students to learn for themselves, so they can confidently engage in their learning.  

Think Savvy teaches students how to:

Understand how their brain learns

to take ownership of their learning

Study more effectively

to learn more in less time

Improve understanding

to develop mastery of their courses

Balance competing demands

to maintain their wellbeing

Increase their resilience

to become long-term learners

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Think Savvy values

Learning effectively takes effort, but it is not rocket science.  My Think Savvy journey has allowed me to identify five key values which, if developed in our kids, will help them develop into confident, resilient. long-term learners.  These values are intrinsic to the Think Savvy approach. 


Embrace your learning journey

"You are investing in your future self"


Believe in

"You can learn more than you think"


Focus on your improvement

"You are developing your potential"


Strive to do your best

"You will be rewarded for your efforts"


Nurture body, mind & spirit

"You learn best when you prioritise your health"

Supporting our next generation

I’m passionate about sharing evidence-based strategies that help our kids engage confidently with school, study more effectively, and become empowered, resilient, long-term learners.