Think Savvy, Revise Smart (Paperback)

The ‘Go-to-Guide’ for taking the stress out of exams.  Full of helpful strategies that you can apply from the first day of Year 11, to the day of your last Year 12 exam and beyond.



Would you like to face exams with confidence, knowing that you are well prepared and ready to face whatever the exam holds? Then Think Savvy, Revise Smart is your answer. Providing a simple method for learning well and preparing for tests and exams, explore how your brain works and take control of your own learning. Full of straight-forward, helpful, science-based strategies, Think Savvy, Revise Smart provides a balanced approach to learning that will help you achieve your best.

You will learn how to:

  • use smart study habits, to learn more in less time;
  • harness strategic, focused revision to target your efforts;
  • prepare both your body and mind for optimal performance;
  • utilise savvy exam tips to maximise your marks; and
  • much, much more.

Parents, this book is for you too! Sharpen your own brain and learn how to support your teenager during their senior school years while giving them skills for life.


Every strategy I have ever taught students about study is in this book. I particularly like the science behind why these strategies work. – Karina, Teacher. Mother of two, aged 15 and 18

Thanks for writing this wonderful informative book to make life a little easier for students tackling the stresses of Year 11 & 12 and beyond. I already feel better equipped to help my kids through exams after reading your book. – Danielle, Artist. Mother of three aged 10, 13 and 16

I like this book very much. Some of the information I already knew and some information I forgot about. I also learnt a lot of new information. This book will really help students – Billy, Year 10 student